Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a competitive industry, and one that any business has to pay close attention to. Whether you’re competing with other businesses for a customer’s attention or trying to attract potential clients’ employees to your business, it’s vital you brand yourself and your brand promises as the best option. Picking out a few words for your brand or content that are informative, positive, tantalizing, and positively resonating with your audience is an essential element of any business’ marketing strategy. A powerful brand narrative perfectly combines the power of words and moments to create a powerful emotional response in their customers.

Depending upon the type of topic being discussed and its relevance to searchers, a page with optimized user experience for search may or may not rank on the first or second page of organic search results. For this reason, strategies that have been successfully used by so many successful online publishers are not standardized — but there is a few universal guidelines that follow.

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Google’s algorithm rewards quality content and that their top priority is the content people can find on their own. Typically, each article is given a score in accordance with a combination of factors. From these factors, Google determines four primary factors that influence quality and relatedness of a piece of content. These factors are: quality, relevancy, credibility, and authority. The quality factor assesses the degree to which an item is of high quality according to accepted standards in the field.

As a general rule, sources with high relevance and authority are worth more in Google’s algorithm. Editor’s in high-authority online publications may receive as many as six or seven times as many Google hits as an average piece of content. Therefore, it is key to find ways to reference and reference other pieces of content, further emphasizing the authority of what you put out there.

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High-quality content must also be relevant and useful, making use of relevant search engine term ensembles. Key things to include when publishing content include keywords and phrase density in your headline, body copy, and any added metadata (like images and infographics) used on external sites. The number of strongly referring SEO keywords in an article’s title tag and meta descriptions can increase its visibility by up to 40%. Keywords are also important when writing content that includes images and videos

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