Fun using an USB drive- recommended!

The device pictured is a 128MiB PNY Attaché US...

The device pictured is a 128MiB PNY Attaché USB flash drive. Like many such drives, this model features a removable cap (which protects the type-a male USB connector) and a hole or loop through which a string or wire loop can be attached (barely visible in this photo, on the flash drive’s lower right corner). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I purchased a USB rubber ducky from hak5 recently and it’s a great deal of enjoyable to play with it. For folks that have no idea exactly what that is, it’s a HID keyboard that will input keystrokes when you plug it into your computer. You can pre-program the keystrokes that you desire to kind and those keystrokes will be replayed when the USB is plugged in. The very best part is that it looks truly like a USB, and it’s extremely stealthy.

So what can you finish with it? Whatever jobs (great or bad) that can be done using keyboard faster way combinations can be finished with the USB. As an example, you can set the USB to open up a browser, go to gmail and send an email to somebody (I understand it’s uninteresting), OR you can set the USB to open a cmd timely, download some destructive executable and run it. Now it seems better right?

To set the USB, you can to write your commands in ducky scripts, encode it utilizing their encoder, then store it onto a micro-SD card. Finally you have to insert the micro-SD card into the USB chip and now you’re great to go. Coding in ducky script is straightforward, the there’re tutorials to lead you with the process also. There’re likewise a bunch of payloads offered for you to download and use already. Although the majority of them are for pranking, they are very fun nevertheless.

An additional big feature of the ducky usb is that it has a variety of firmwares that you can make use of for different functions. As an example, the most basic firmware is to store one payload and utilize the USB as replay it. An even more complicated one is to utilize the USB as both a mass storage device and a keyboard where you can fill your weapons in the USB itself and transfer them to the computer system the USB is plugged in. There’s likewise firmwares that permits you to deliver various payloads based upon various tricks pressed on the keyboard, so you can utilize different payloads on your control. You can likewise program your very own firmware and utilize it, which would be very enjoyable too. One functionality that I always desired to include to the firmware is to support mouse interactions in addition to keyboards. I discovered this when I wished to dump all the credentials from OSX’s keychain utilizing “security dump-keychain -d login. keychain”. However, I need to by hand verify each and every primary that’s going to be dumped from keychain, and worst of all there’s no way to change to that verification window making use of any keystroke combinations without moving your Mouses. It’s great function for security by doing this and much better than Window’s UAC which can be easily bypassed utilizing left-arrow+get in. However from the opponent’s point of view it’s a blocker. So later on when I have time, I want to examine additional and see whether it’s flexible to support Mouse motions in ducky also.

So sufficient speaking, and below is the easy ducky script that I wrote to install a stealthy malicious firefox extensions that steals all login username/password on Mac OSX. Don’t get delighted about that because I have no strategy to launch it.:( However, don’t hesitate to compose your very own and use the following script to automate the setup.

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