Trends for Branded USB Drives in 2011

If we are looking back in year 2010, we can see that the branded USB drives were the top promotional product in the market and this trend will be continued in 2011 and furthermore.

What are the reasons for their popularity?

1. Branded USB drives are very universal and easy device to store data on it.
2. They are very cheap and their prices continuously fall.
3. They come in many different types, you can choose your own style of branded USB drives, which is the best for promotion of your company or organization.
4. You can choose any colour you want for most USB drives.
5. Most companies use banded USB drives for pre loading on it their PowerPoint presentations, video presentations, instruction manuals, interactive software, music spots… So this way companies save money, because they don’t spend it for printing brochures. So this promotional product is perfect for companies who care for the environment. cheap payday loans learn this here now

Expected trends for branded USB drives in 2011:

1. The prices for branded USB drives in 2011 are slowly dropping down, because the competition is still growing up.
2. Memory size for USB device will increase, so we will have more space for promotional material.
3. In 2011 we expect that new standard USB 3.0 will become cheaper and the companies will start using them more often. The new standard brings faster transfer speeds, which will be faster than USB 2.0 for factor x4.
4. The number of companies, which will use branded USB drives, will increase.
5. Because of popularity of USB sticks, they will be made in new, innovative styles and models. So the customers will be able to choose such model of USB drive, which could promote their business very efficiently.

As other computer – electronic devices are also branded USB drives part of technology and they are developing along with everything else. In inexorable business world, where promotion is very important, we need to create a brand more known and close to a customer and a potential customer, and it is certain that branded USB drives will be more and more important way of promotion every day.

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