Promotional USB drives

If you want the best promotion for your business and wish to remind others about it, you must find unique tactics. Promotional USB drives are the newest promotional tool, where you can store information about your business or presentation of new product or service.

The advantage of the promotional USB drives are the unique style of USB drives and logo that can be imprinted on them. This way you can build your brand and identity perfectly for you on the market place.

If you give promotional branded USB drive to your business partner, you make two good things. First of all, you give to your partner a perfect gift and second of all, you give information on the best high-tech promotional product on the market. You can store on it a PowerPoint presentations, video presentations, instruction manuals, interactive software, music spots or whatever you like.

One of the biggest advantages of USB device is that you can update or replace files on it easily without any costs and so you can always give your costumers up to date information.

USB drives are more reliable than floppy diskette, they have a bigger capacity, a higher transfer speed and they are more durable. USB drives are compatible with most operating systems and are recognized universally.

The price difference between a 4 GB USB stick and a 16 GB USB stick is relatively small. But it is big difference in the amount of data you can store on them. More capacity you give to the users, more useful are USB stick.
For example, on a 4 GB promotional USB drive you can store roughly 2,600 photos or 950 songs. On a 16 GB USB drive you can store 11,000 photos and more than 3,700 songs.

You can get promotional USB drives in any style, color and size, whatever you want. Today it is possible that the USB drive is not used just for storage of your data, but it can be a LED light, opener for bottles, pointer for presentation… You can personalize your promotional USB drives however you want and you think it is the best for your company.

You can chose from many different materials: they are made, for example, from wood, metal, titanium, Swarovski Crystals, jewelry, leather…

Advice before buying a promotional USB drive:

  • Ask the seller what class of chip they use. USB drives must have Class A chips. So if the seller doesn’t give information about class of chip, go somewhere else.
  • Today most USB drives are version USB 2.0, but in 2011 there will be USB 3.0 in the market. So if you have a choice, then buy a USB 3.0, because they transfer speed much better.

Maybe for someone seems this way of promotion to be expensive, but if we look on a long term and we think about how many people use USB drives every day, than it is very rational choice. This means that if a potential customer has and uses your unique USB drive or USB Light Bulbs with your logo on it, it reminds him of your business whenever he uses it. So the promotion with promotional USB drives is not so expensive as it looks at first.

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