USB Light Bulbs

USB Light Bulbs

These are modern lighting equipment that can be powered by anything that bears a USB hub. Basically, power banks, wall adapters, computers, cars, etc. can charge this lamp. You can use this bulb for both emergency and utility functions in your home. 

Features of a USB light bulb

This USB Light Bulbs can be used for many functions. Therefore, the developers do consider the use as well as the desired uniqueness in designing these gadgets. The market has plenty of these appliances; however, how well are they developed? Find out here.

USB Light Bulbs
  • The lights come with different wattage depending on the user demand. You can find bulbs of between 10 Watts and 60 Watts. 
  • They are incandescent with an option of replacements. Three colours are available so you can switch between warm light, natural and white light. With the white light being distinguished into 4500k and 6000k.
  • It can be powered by any USB source with a voltage of 5V. Also, it is power-saving; therefore, you would not have to worry about consumption rates.
  • It comes with a hook for carriage and hooking in case you need to use it in a market stall or camping purposes. Basically, it is portable, and the availability of a hanging wire further enhances this feature lest you need to hook it far above.
  • It comes with a remote controller. The controller can be used to switch between light intensities. Also, it can be used to dim it or switch the lamp off. 
  • It is bright and an LED lamp for that matter. 
  • It is made of ceramic. This not only enhances its longevity, but it also enhances its beauty.
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  • The bulb is an energy conserver
  • The lamp is dimmable, and one can choose between the ranges of colours. The ones that are available include warm, white, and natural white. The colours have different intensities.
  • Portability; the lamp is made such that you can carry from one place to another with a lot of conveniences. In fact, it only weighs 3.2 ounces.
  • Can be powered by anything that bears a USB hub. That means you can use cell phone batteries, wall ports, phone adapters, carports, etc. to power these bulbs.
  • Ranges in wattage (10 to 60) Watts. Also, it has a luminous flux of 650.


  • The lamp does not come with batteries. So, it can be a bit of an inconvenience if there happens to be no power and no power bank. 
  • The bulb is specific to USB power. If you don’t have a free hub, you cannot have any other alternative in such a case.
  • The product is currently in the market but lacks in major stores such as Amazon. This can inconvenience a lot of people who use such services.

The bottom line

This lighting equipment can be ideal for lighting your market stall, carnival, camping, etc. it even comes with a hook and a line to enable you to hang it in your tent.

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